About Vooconnect
Vooconnect, for the love of connecting! Connect with friends and family ADS FREE

About Vooconnect

Our Mission

At Vooconnect, we are committed to offering a platform to our user’s to share whatever content they please with their friends and family safe and secure without AD interruptions. It is our fundamental belief that people should be free to socialize and connect without unwanted advertisements or promotions. Vooconnect gives you a place where you can speak freely and can be comfortable knowing that your posts are safe and secure and only seen by those you’ve chosen to see your posts.

It is our goal to be the ultimate social media platform. We strive to provide the opportunity for our users to build a community where they can build connections and engage with their friends and families without any superficial filter on the content they post on the timeline.

At Vooconnect, we are always innovating and working hard to improve our space and help to solve the problems that people are facing on a daily basis. We care so deeply about keeping your online experience FREE of ADS for that reason we do not have advertising options on our platform.

Users are able to sell products, services, and more on our platform but we do not have an AD platform to pay to advertise on Vooconnect.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who devote themselves to keeping the Vooconnect platform as the number one social media platform for unrestricted content from the community, groups, pages, or friends you follow. Community is important, and an authentic community cannot exist with unwanted AD interruptions. It is our job to offer that authentic and genuine platform to you.

Vooconnect Features

● Post freely to the timeline.
● Connect with friends.
● Each user profile has its own feed to see your content or your friends content.
● Likes and comments are enabled without reactions.
● Each user has access to instant messaging, with both individuals, pages, or groups.
● Customizable push notifications can be enabled on desktop and mobile.

Our Vision

We aim to be a server of the people. At Vooconnect, it is very important that we are able to be of support to our users on a continual basis. This means we strive to offer 24/7 support and help to bring our users closer together and work with them on building a community online.

Vooconnect is a social platform built purposely to give people a voice ADS free that they wouldn’t have on any other network.

Community is important for us at Vooconnect. We wholeheartedly believe that we offer the most genuine social media platform in the world. With full user customizability of profile, flexibility with content posting, user support, and business opportunities, we truly are the best place for people to interact with their friends, family, and customers.

Who We Are

Vooconnect is a social media platform built with the primary focus on providing all of the same features as a normal social media, but with zero ADS on the user’s timeline.

By joining Vooconnect, you are unshackling chains that never should have been there. You get to enjoy all of the entertainment on other platforms, with the feature of direct messaging and engaging with friends, family, and other community members, without AD contents.

We promote flexible user’s engagement and give users something they haven’t seen before with the versatility that exists in other social media platforms without advertisment. Vooconnect continues to innovate and serve the people, and are determined to be the primary place for offering a place for the people to connect and socialise free and secure.

The Vooconnect Community

The Vooconnect community is one of the online platforms where people come together to engage. We are a social media platform that has been built by the people for the people with a distinct focus on helping our users express themselves freely, and by freely we mean free of ads. Our users find Vooconnect as the perfect outlet to connect with their community in a comfortable way.

With people connecting on the Vooconnect platform, we are seeing enlightened conversations, authentic interactions, and nothing but genuine engagement on the newsfeed. We are the future of social media. Whether you are looking for a place to post pictures of your lifestyle, or a business looking to engage with your customers or even a place where you can reach out and connect with family and old friends, Vooconnect has it all.

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